Are There Any More Than One God? This question is quite debatable and mysterious for some guys. To get to the answer one needs to know god lives in every atom(particle) in this world; not a leaf can move without his wish. God lives in every living being on Earth.

From time to time god has come to Earth in different faces to satisfy its followers wishes as god can take shape of anything a person believes as god. God only go for the true spirit of man if anyone will carve a stone and will start praying before it with true heart and spirit assuming it is his god. God will surely come out of it one day in the shape his follower wished. Followers go where god lives and god also go where it’s true followers lives. Only a true lover can understand this.

A love means no conditions so god also do not impose any condition on its devotees to follow. All it want a true love from it’s devotees that’s all. To teach mankind he lives in every living being it has taken several faces and shapes on Earth and to guide human beings that they should respect the right to live of all living beings on Earth. So gods and Goddesses does exist and will continue to exist till it’s followers will like to.

Remember god only wants true love and nothing else. No materialistic thing can please him than selfless and true heart’s prayer. So we need to respect each others sentiments and feelings to don’t displease our god. No doubt god is one but we people can pray him in different forms as well.