Spread Swine Flu Awareness to Restrict the Spread of this Disease

Today I have decided to write something about the Swine Flu outbreak as it is taking the shape of a pandemic disease. As a responsibility of a spiritualist and human being I am trying to do my part to save the humanity from this disease which is spreading around the globe slowly but steadily, as leaving humanity to its suffering don’t make sense to a religious or a humanist being. I am bringing you few quotes to make you aware about the Swine flu disease as its medicine has yet to not come, it is best to stay aware and safe from the disease.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the number of swine flu cases has risen to 11,034, while the total number of deaths has reached 85. All deaths have occurred in four countries: Mexico, USA, Canada and Costa Rica.” – http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/150980.php

“In humans, the symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of influenza and of influenza-like illness in general, namely chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort.”

“The 2009 flu outbreak in humans, known as “swine flu”, is due to a new strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 that contains genes closely related to swine influenza. The origin of this new strain is unknown. However, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) reports that this strain has not been isolated in pigs. This strain can be transmitted from human to human, and causes the normal symptoms of influenza.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swineflu

Fortunately, swine flu is no more serious than ordinary seasonal human influenza. We can stay safe by taking few precautions. To get more information about the disease follow the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swineflu


A faint cry of a child calls – Can I have a bite please!

Can’t we people if can’t help somebody should not create a situation wherein we waste eatables like part of our luxurious life style. “The world is wasting enough rice this year to feed 184 million people, about a fifth of those who are undernourished, based on estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome. The amount lost between harvest and consumers globally totals at least 48 million tons, says Concepcion Calpe, a senior economist with the FAO. “

“Rats aren’t the only species responsible — humans also play a role. Lulled by low food prices since the 1970s, donor nations and lenders halved aid to agriculture in developing countries, the World Bank says. Corrupt leaders and bureaucrats siphoned off much of what did arrive, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development. As a result, grain storage and processing remain primitive in many developing countries, which have the greatest losses and highest rates of hunger.” source – http://www.bloomberg.com/

The Stockholm International Water Institute, Food and Agriculture Organization of UN, International Water Management Institute; joint report says United States is wasting 483 Crore Dollar worth food items annually that means about 30% of the food items are just wasting away in this manner, this includes drinking water too.

This 30% food wastage is equal to 40 lakhs crores liters of water wasting out from the open taps. That means this quantity of water can be used by 50 Crores of people. The report further says, “Most of the consumers eat food in abundance, the food grains are just wasted away in the agriculture field itself before reaching to the godowns or to the consumers”. About 15-35% of the production is just left out at the agriculture fields. Another 10-15% wasted at the collection centers and the processing units. Water shortage is one of the major hindrances for the food production at global level. The report adds that 120 crores of people are living in the water scarcity areas.

It feels like quite a shame for us the so called responsible citizens of this global village from the above little facts and figures I could gather in a little time. Now what we people can do –

1. First of all we should stop wasting food grains and eatables as it can save someone’s life.

2. Be magnanimous and come forward with ways to increase food grains yield and for sharing better food grains preservation techniques and methods.

3. And strictly keep these money hungry patent guys from govt. funds and schemes.

4. United Nation has a role to play to bring the R& D (of its members) outcomes on a single table and make big guys to think before the situation gets out of hand.

5. The last and important thing I will like to emphases on is we people should instead of just donating money for food and food to hungry people should also arm them with employable skills and opportunities to fend themselves, to make them part of the army of poverty fighters instead of a permanent tag holders of poverty stricken.

My this post is in response to the call given by Bloggers United and to the efforts of Heifer International who are working for the cause of humanity.

The Real Service of God!

What is the real service of the god or the best way of pleasing him? To me the best way and service to please the god is to help the needy i.e. human beings or god’s any creature on this Earth. As god is present in every molecule on this Earth, he is present in every living being on this Earth. He is omnipresent; living in all the creatures on this Earth playing their(creature) different roles assigned to them by the god.


You can think that he is blessing you from the core of his heart if you are helping a person in real need of your help. Sometimes you may find yourself incapable to help somebody you wish to, don’t loose your heart you can help him with whatever the means you are provided with by the god. May be your one hand towards him or say one little help can change his life or the possibility is that somebody else also gets inspired by your act to do his part of a duty of a good human being. Believe me your every good act done with pure heart never go waste, never go unnoticed. It’s like somebody is always watching you.

Earth is round so does your acts goes, your good or bad acts may come back to you in the face(shape) of good or bad according to the case may be today or tomorrow, it is just the matter of time. Today you will help someone; tomorrow somebody else may help you. No matter how strong you are financially or physically, time never remains the same. Sometimes kings also require the help of a beggar. We can learn the same from our history. So never shy away from your duty as a good human being you should always lend your hand towards the needy with whatever you can do for him. Believe me bringing smile on someones face never go unrewarded. It will give peace and the sense of content to your soul and mind. The happiness of helping somebody in need will definitely overwhelm you.

What To Do In A Tough Situation Called Dharam Sankat!

If a person is a believer or say a religious minded who do not speaks a lie or do no nonreligious acts or deeds, he will find often himself in a situation called dharam sankat (Hindi term) wherein he do not finds a way what to do or what not to do. In the situations of such kinds a person should look towards what their godly incarnations and religious leaders (saints) chose the path in the given scenario.

It is only to show us the right path that god comes to earth and lives a tough and miserable life to teach us how to live in the situations where common man can lose his path to spiritual journey. Our god wants to show us the path through its messengers acts and deeds to be followed by the common man to be successful in its achieving the objective of coming to Earth.

It is not that always speaking a truth or doing deeds which is considered auspicious in religious books is supposed tobe followed all the time. A person in a situation wherein the welfare of others or the masses are at stake can speak a lie or act otherwise than mentioned in the books (religious) to attain the bigger objective of his life i.e. to serve the humanity and to live for others. If your one lie can save somebody’s life and can bring fortunes worthy of in a person’s life than it is worth speaking a lie.

Are We Really In Love With God

Some-time back, I revisited my thoughts about the god’s behavior towards its followers. I will like to add the reason for the thought here first. During the really bad patch of my life, I thought god doesn’t care about what happens to its followers or mankind. It is of no use singing in praise of him or doing things which pleases him. But in the bit easy phase or a little bit lenient phase, I rechecked my views and found myself quite wrong and unaware of the stark reality that it was only my love which was weak and fragile or say I was just showing my love to the god as true love never seize to exist with the withering of time as it is immortal.


The love of god is as pure and immortal as the love of mother. The god the proven true lover always care for his followers and lovers and feel the every pinch of pain which his followers go through. It is only that god let his followers go through pains and troubles to make them more strong and glorified. As god only thinks what is best for his loved ones. God never leaves his loved ones on any time whether it is good or bad.

If we are kept unaware of what is fun and sorrow then how come we will know what is the difference between good and bad. And without knowing or feeling the same how can a person become wise enough to survive through the testing times. To summarize; god never leaves a man through testing times he keeps supporting his followers this or that way to overcome the bad situation, it is only upto the man how he takes the situation as an opportunity or a threat. The man if not a true lover of god will live his (god) hand and will vanish away in the bad wind of time. We should hold Almighty’s hands firmly as he is the only being in the world which always keep his doors always open for everyone. So we should not make it a one sided affair for the god.

Superior Most Religion: The Religion of Humanity

Each and every religion has the common objective of inculcating the human aspects among its disciples. If a person does not believe in any religious beliefs and practices but he is doing his human duties i.e. serving humanity and other living beings on Earth with equal compassion and love he keeps for his dear ones, then he will be considered person doing his natural or say individuals duty or doing his personal duty towards the society.


Some guys think they are doing their duties of a good human being by delivering sermons etc. as advised in their religious books, but in the process they ignore the main values and teachings it want to give to the society i.e. love the humanity and serve the same. By doing this they are doing great dis-service to their religion first and to the society in the last. God sends human beings with the sole purpose of serving humanity on Earth.


The religion of humanity is the superior most religion among all religions. By following the basic aspects of a good human being a person serves its religion, society and reserve its space in the heart of god as well. Humanity is the heart and sole of any religion anywhere on Earth, it is up to we the human beings how we take the teachings and preachings of our religions; we make out our best suited meaning out of it or follow the true path as suggested by the god or simply leave bleeding humanity and gods weeping heart to its own fate.

Buddha Preachings

Banyan Tree Buddha

Keep spreading the message of love and peaceful co-existence like the Banyan tree spreads its branches, roots… As the more we spread our love lap the more beautiful the world will be we live in. So did lord Buddha preached, hate the disease (evils) and not the diseased. The more we fill our hearts with love for each other the more lovely our world will be.

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