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Preserve The Birthplace Of Lord Buddha

I am writing this post today in response to the call to protect and preserve the depleting state of Lumbini(Nepal) the sacred birthplace of lord Buddha. I am calling here everyone who is concerned with environmental and religious issues to please sign the international petition(all you will be required to do is, fill your and country name in the form) to safeguard the ever depleting environment of Lumbini city due to political and bureaucratic high handedness and half-hearted efforts to implement the legal procedure against the all powerful industrial lobby which is involved in polluting the sacred city’s environment like anything right now.

Lumbini Stupa

Lumbini Stupa

I believe the city of Lumbini should not have any heavy industry or anything that can lead to it’s environmental degradation. As all of you must be aware Lumbini is one of the four sacred places, the other three are Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and Kusinagar(India), that the followers of Buddhism keep their high faith in. Lumbini is also a world heritage city(designated by UNESCO) since 1997.

Even after the release of certain legal directives regarding no further industrialization in the Lumbini city by the Industrial Promotion Board of Nepal Ministry in 2009, there was no change in the situation of growth of  heavy industry like cement and steel plants. It is now badly felt the situation can only improve with the help of International pressure. Otherwise local industry clout at all the levels of government system won’t allow it(government) to tame the all greedy intentions of industrial community in the city of Lumbini. You are advised to please come forward and help spreading the word and sign the INTERNATIONAL PETITION TO PROTECT LUMBINI’S ENVIRONMENT.


Serve the Humanity

Today I will share the tip to win the heart of god. If you want to win the heart of god you love you should dedicate yourself in the service of humanity. Serving his innocent and needy human beings is like serving the god. As each living being is part of god and god lives in every particle on this Earth. Your feeding to a hungry man will be your serving to god. So take a step forward in the service of suffering humanity which is marred by hunger, poverty, disease and backwardness.


Your love for suffering humans can make you come closer to the heart of god and may change your future to the heights that no one have ever seen on this Earth. Serve the humanity with selfless love and affection and you will get the peace of mind which no one can steal from you. Yes, no time is bad to change the life coarse to the good. You should change and forget your past bad deeds whatsoever and try to improve upon your present. May be your past sins will be wiped off your fate one day for the selfless goods of today done by you.

Love everyone no one is small and big as in the eyes of god everyone is equal then who we are to decide someone is lower in class and someone is higher in class and deserves better treatment. In his(god) eyes only a good servant of his loved most humanity can be considered richer person. So forget what you are and feel like every human being is equal on this Earth and deserves equal living rights(food, clothes and shelter) on this Earth.

The Real Service of God!

What is the real service of the god or the best way of pleasing him? To me the best way and service to please the god is to help the needy i.e. human beings or god’s any creature on this Earth. As god is present in every molecule on this Earth, he is present in every living being on this Earth. He is omnipresent; living in all the creatures on this Earth playing their(creature) different roles assigned to them by the god.


You can think that he is blessing you from the core of his heart if you are helping a person in real need of your help. Sometimes you may find yourself incapable to help somebody you wish to, don’t loose your heart you can help him with whatever the means you are provided with by the god. May be your one hand towards him or say one little help can change his life or the possibility is that somebody else also gets inspired by your act to do his part of a duty of a good human being. Believe me your every good act done with pure heart never go waste, never go unnoticed. It’s like somebody is always watching you.

Earth is round so does your acts goes, your good or bad acts may come back to you in the face(shape) of good or bad according to the case may be today or tomorrow, it is just the matter of time. Today you will help someone; tomorrow somebody else may help you. No matter how strong you are financially or physically, time never remains the same. Sometimes kings also require the help of a beggar. We can learn the same from our history. So never shy away from your duty as a good human being you should always lend your hand towards the needy with whatever you can do for him. Believe me bringing smile on someones face never go unrewarded. It will give peace and the sense of content to your soul and mind. The happiness of helping somebody in need will definitely overwhelm you.

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