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Preserve The Birthplace Of Lord Buddha

I am writing this post today in response to the call to protect and preserve the depleting state of Lumbini(Nepal) the sacred birthplace of lord Buddha. I am calling here everyone who is concerned with environmental and religious issues to please sign the international petition(all you will be required to do is, fill your and country name in the form) to safeguard the ever depleting environment of Lumbini city due to political and bureaucratic high handedness and half-hearted efforts to implement the legal procedure against the all powerful industrial lobby which is involved in polluting the sacred city’s environment like anything right now.

Lumbini Stupa

Lumbini Stupa

I believe the city of Lumbini should not have any heavy industry or anything that can lead to it’s environmental degradation. As all of you must be aware Lumbini is one of the four sacred places, the other three are Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and Kusinagar(India), that the followers of Buddhism keep their high faith in. Lumbini is also a world heritage city(designated by UNESCO) since 1997.

Even after the release of certain legal directives regarding no further industrialization in the Lumbini city by the Industrial Promotion Board of Nepal Ministry in 2009, there was no change in the situation of growth of  heavy industry like cement and steel plants. It is now badly felt the situation can only improve with the help of International pressure. Otherwise local industry clout at all the levels of government system won’t allow it(government) to tame the all greedy intentions of industrial community in the city of Lumbini. You are advised to please come forward and help spreading the word and sign the INTERNATIONAL PETITION TO PROTECT LUMBINI’S ENVIRONMENT.


Greed: The Cause of All Problems In This World

Mother Nature has enough resources to meet our natural needs untill and unless we start striving for more and more resources on this Earth. By natural phenomena Earth can feed each and every living being until somebody out of his bad nature tries to occupy others rightful resources. If we people stop wasting natural resources like food, cloth, minerals and spoiling flora and fauna; we can make this Earth heaven where nobody is poor, hungry or deprived.


By cutting more trees than one requires for just feeding our desire to become rich quickly actually one not only blinks somebody else’s future but his future generations as well. In the era of rapid industrialization everybody wants to recklessly occupy natural resources and to exploit it. In the course of this event nobody cares about its consequences; neither government bodies for their want of tax revenues nor industrialists for their want of earning more and more wealth overnight.

Same theory of misuse of non-renewable resources applies to everyone’s daily life. The theory is relevant at micro and macro level all human beings. Only animals or Tribals who knows value of nature’s scarce little wealth of natural resources use it to satisfy their natural needs. All we need to do is limit our wastages and unnecessary wants and desires. The balance of nature’s elements like rain, air and land will normalize with timely and normal rain, clean breathable air, arable land and sufficient food to eat. In the end I must add this It is we the human beings who create the situation of scarcity by knowingly and sometimes unintentionally.

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