Just look in to the eyes of deities you worship and keep looking in to that. You will find a sea of enormous love and affection waiting for you. Keep looking like that whether he is in front of you in some physical form or you are looking in to his eyes through your mind. Your mind will start moving towards a new stage. You will start feeling differently like free from all problems, fear or pain etc. You will see your heart and soul getting purified of all the materialistic impurities which make us weak and fearful of any wrong will happen with us unnecessarily. You will re-discover yourself in to a all new personality. You will start feeling like some aura is surrounding you just like the almighty adores but remember one thing it will take some time to appear depending upon how you control yourself from getting in to wrongs. And how regularly you practice this. I suggest practice this thing to come closer to the god for at least few minutes to the time limit you like to take bath in his love and it will be better if we do this thing in morning and evening when sun and moon meets each other. :) hope you got my point. I suggested that time just because at that the atmospheric rays are more conducive for such things getting fructified easily for us.

Remember one thing it is only the god in this whole world who can en-shower his everything on his true lovers as he is considered lover of lovers just like king of kings. I said this to tell you if you will truely love him and follow him you will start getting his some powers, looks(aura etc.), behavior etc. (some times you can notice this in some true spiritual leader or humanist) and in the end you will get emersed in his ownself. You will achieve salvation with glory.  God bless you all with his choicest blessings and love.