What is the real service of the god or the best way of pleasing him? To me the best way and service to please the god is to help the needy i.e. human beings or god’s any creature on this Earth. As god is present in every molecule on this Earth, he is present in every living being on this Earth. He is omnipresent; living in all the creatures on this Earth playing their(creature) different roles assigned to them by the god.


You can think that he is blessing you from the core of his heart if you are helping a person in real need of your help. Sometimes you may find yourself incapable to help somebody you wish to, don’t loose your heart you can help him with whatever the means you are provided with by the god. May be your one hand towards him or say one little help can change his life or the possibility is that somebody else also gets inspired by your act to do his part of a duty of a good human being. Believe me your every good act done with pure heart never go waste, never go unnoticed. It’s like somebody is always watching you.

Earth is round so does your acts goes, your good or bad acts may come back to you in the face(shape) of good or bad according to the case may be today or tomorrow, it is just the matter of time. Today you will help someone; tomorrow somebody else may help you. No matter how strong you are financially or physically, time never remains the same. Sometimes kings also require the help of a beggar. We can learn the same from our history. So never shy away from your duty as a good human being you should always lend your hand towards the needy with whatever you can do for him. Believe me bringing smile on someones face never go unrewarded. It will give peace and the sense of content to your soul and mind. The happiness of helping somebody in need will definitely overwhelm you.