If a person is a believer or say a religious minded who do not speaks a lie or do no nonreligious acts or deeds, he will find often himself in a situation called dharam sankat (Hindi term) wherein he do not finds a way what to do or what not to do. In the situations of such kinds a person should look towards what their godly incarnations and religious leaders (saints) chose the path in the given scenario.

It is only to show us the right path that god comes to earth and lives a tough and miserable life to teach us how to live in the situations where common man can lose his path to spiritual journey. Our god wants to show us the path through its messengers acts and deeds to be followed by the common man to be successful in its achieving the objective of coming to Earth.

It is not that always speaking a truth or doing deeds which is considered auspicious in religious books is supposed tobe followed all the time. A person in a situation wherein the welfare of others or the masses are at stake can speak a lie or act otherwise than mentioned in the books (religious) to attain the bigger objective of his life i.e. to serve the humanity and to live for others. If your one lie can save somebody’s life and can bring fortunes worthy of in a person’s life than it is worth speaking a lie.