Each and every religion has the common objective of inculcating the human aspects among its disciples. If a person does not believe in any religious beliefs and practices but he is doing his human duties i.e. serving humanity and other living beings on Earth with equal compassion and love he keeps for his dear ones, then he will be considered person doing his natural or say individuals duty or doing his personal duty towards the society.


Some guys think they are doing their duties of a good human being by delivering sermons etc. as advised in their religious books, but in the process they ignore the main values and teachings it want to give to the society i.e. love the humanity and serve the same. By doing this they are doing great dis-service to their religion first and to the society in the last. God sends human beings with the sole purpose of serving humanity on Earth.


The religion of humanity is the superior most religion among all religions. By following the basic aspects of a good human being a person serves its religion, society and reserve its space in the heart of god as well. Humanity is the heart and sole of any religion anywhere on Earth, it is up to we the human beings how we take the teachings and preachings of our religions; we make out our best suited meaning out of it or follow the true path as suggested by the god or simply leave bleeding humanity and gods weeping heart to its own fate.