Don’t judge others and don’t be perturbed and disturbed by the other’s judgement. Each one of us is alone and unique. We were never before and will never be again and like all inimitable creations of god, you are beautiful. Accept yourself just the way you are without the desire to imitate others. And whatever happens, allow it to happen and pass through it believing that the experience is meant for your growth and learning. Soon, suffering will turn into learning and peace will reign in your heart despite everything. Believe that this universe is perfect and if we perceive it as painful and unjust then we need to change the way we look at it, change the way we perceive ourselves, our creator and the mission of the journey our soul has undertaken in this world. For a long time I believed that we are physical beings with a soul but my soul mate taught me that we are spiritual beings with a physical dimension so that we learn the lessons we need to learn. Let suffering be for our growth and creativity.