We are prudent, beautiful, and magnificent beings of light; filled with love, wisdom and grace as the God or the Supreme Being, whatever we may call him. There are infinite possibilities within us; infinite compassion fills our inner self. Unfortunately, we walk about the world as the one who is asleep, yet we all posses the key to the universe in our heart’s desire.


When you will wake up to your true self you will realize that you are composed of all the beauty that ever existed and will ever exist. You will be able to see the love that flows from you as the mighty water fall gives out its abundant waters, freely; with mindless magnitude it flows outwards.

Our souls are in the state of slumber, the sorrow we feel today is a bad dream we all want to wake up from. Only we can awaken our souls with the will of the Almighty God. And then, we would see each other as we truly are; radiant beings of love and light, filled with the knowledge of our unseverable connection with divine. Once awaken, we would seek nothing from each other except to express the manifold ways to love, seek peace and seek God.